Claire Lehmann


Claire is an Australian writer and entrepreneur. She founded Quillette in 2015 and remains Quillette’s Editor-in-Chief in 2021. Her writing has been published in Australian publications such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian, and in international publications such as Commentary and Tablet. In 2020, the Australian Libertarian Society named her Australia’s “Libertarian of the Year,” and in 2018 The Sydney Morning Herald named her as one of “Ten Aussies who shook the world in tech and media in 2018.” She holds a BPsych (Hons) from The University of Adelaide and serves on the advisory council of the Free Speech Union.

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This website is an online archive of Claire’s published work, interviews, media, and podcast appearances. It also contains book recommendations, a photo gallery, and links to Claire’s social media accounts. For all media inquiries contact:

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