Claire Lehmann

A platform for free thought

I have a new online magazine coming out called Quillette. 


“At Quillette we respect ideas. Even dangerous ones. Our writers are a collection of individuals from across the political spectrum, with different life stories and backgrounds. We aim to bring our expertise together into one platform – to create an organic group committed to free thought.

How to Submit

We aim to provide a platform for original thought, dissident voices, and quality cultural criticism. We will feature writing from non-journalists including scientists and artists, and will strive to give writers freedom to take risks and express dangerous ideas.

But we can’t do it alone. We need you, the reader, to join us in creating a groundswell. At Quillette, we believe this is achieved through story. If you have a story to tell, that is original and exciting, please send it through to and it will be considered for publication. It may be a personal narrative, a scientific hypothesis, an opinion piece, or investigative journalism. The best pieces will be chosen, and featured on Quillette. Writers who are published will be remunerated for their work.”

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