Why are biosocial criminologists shunned by their field?

What is a “biosocial criminologist”. It is a scholar that studies the genetics and biology of criminal behaviour.

It is not easy being a biosocial scholar in criminology. The field is heavily dominated by left-wing academics, and there is animosity towards research areas that undermine the traditional narratives perpetuated by the field, (i.e. that social injustice, poverty and material inequality is the root cause of all crime).

Over at Quillette, Brian Boutwell, writes candidly about being a biosocial criminologist. He writes:

Everyone faces the trials of peer review but it is decidedly different for biosocial criminologists. The simple reason is that many in the field are unqualified to review your research [1]. Why? They have a minimal (and I’m being generous) understanding of biological concepts. Criminological curricula do not require biology classes to be taken. Does this stop them from trying to evaluate your work? It most certainly does not.

I recommend you read the rest of the article: How criminologists who study biology are shunned by their field.

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