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Gender politics & individualism – ABC’s The Drum

This was a piece I wrote for ABC’s The Drum in January. I was asked to write about whether it was possible to be sexist towards men. However, instead of answering the question directly, I used it as an opportunity to reflect on how group identity politics tramples on the sovereignty of the individual. (Click on the link below to read the piece).

When gender politics treats individuals as pawns in a political game

Lee Jussim, stereotypes and left-wing bias in social psychology – Quillette

I met with social psychologist Lee Jussim when he visited Sydney, Australia, in April 2015. I did not know anything about him, or his work, but was interested in a talk he was giving at a symposium about left-wing bias in social psychology. I subsequently learned that his own empirical work (on stereotype accuracy) was just as interesting as the subject of left-wing bias. So in my essay — for Quillette Magazine — I tried to intertwine the two topics into one coherent piece. So far, it is the second ‘most viewed’ article on Quillette; it was also quoted by the Wall Street Journal in Notable and Quotable which was both a delight and an honour. Click on the link below to read the piece.

How a rebellious scientist discovered the surprising truth about stereotypes

Germaine Greer and censorship

This was an article I was commissioned to write by ABC’s The Drum, in Australia. It was about Germaine Greer’s no-platforming by students due to her apparent transphobia. You can read the article by clicking following link below.

Germaine Greer and the scourge of no-platforming

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