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Quillette + my latest piece in The Drum

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This month there have been a range of interesting articles on Quillette, including The Unbearable Asymmetry of Bullshit by a talented young bioethicist of the name of Brian Earp, and How To Have An Opinion Worth Hearing by the fearless Brian Boutwell.

Other articles of note have been on FGM and male circumcision, the validity of the so-called Ferguson Effect in America, and how the philosophy of Herbert Marcuse has inspired a particular kind of”New Left” intolerance.

We have also transferred the infrastructure of Quillette from BlueHost to Amazon Web Services. Hopefully technical issues will be reduced now that this change has been made.

On Tuesday I had another piece in ABC’s The Drum, this time about why it is OK for Australia’s Minister for Women to abstain from the label of “feminist”. It was a commissioned piece, which I had to turn around in a matter of hours, so it is not my best work. Nevertheless you can read it here.

If you have any articles you’d like to pitch to Quillette, please send them through: Otherwise get in touch with me over Twitter: @clairlemon.

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